10 tips to leveraging success of tourism awards

Winning a tourism award is a great boost for your personal brand, as well as for the brand of your organisation. It’s recognition for your business and what you deliver to your customers. At both a state and national level, recognition doesn’t have to stop after the award ceremony. There are plenty of ways to … Continue Reading

Attend the tourism conference

Missing the tourism conference is a bad idea

So, you operate a tourism business in Tasmania. Then I’ll see you at the tourism conference. No? I would suggest you re-think that decision. The annual two-day tourism conference is the place where businesses and business people go to not only learn about the latest news and innovations, they go to be seen. If I’m … Continue Reading

5 ways to get tourists to work for you

A common angst amongst tourism operators is that many tourists only visit once.  Visiting your place was part of a once in a lifetime trip, or they’ve ticked it off their bucket list, no need to go back, it’s been done etc. Getting repeat business out of your customers is one of the cheapest and … Continue Reading

20 innovative marketing activities

There are loads of things you can be doing to help your business right now. Here’s a list for you to pick and choose from: Sponsor the local sports team – get your name out there in your local community. And don’t forget to insist your name is on the uniform, and wherever else you … Continue Reading