10 tips to leveraging success of tourism awards

Winning a tourism award is a great boost for your personal brand, as well as for the brand of your organisation. It’s recognition for your business and what you deliver to your customers.

At both a state and national level, recognition doesn’t have to stop after the award ceremony. There are plenty of ways to leverage your success and sharing your involvement in the awards process and ceremonies can do great things for your stakeholder engagement (and ultimately sales!)

One thing that has always bugged me about my past days in tourism is that I never took the opportunity to really share that I was proud of my successes. It felt like bragging and I wasn’t like that.  These days I wish I had read what you’re about to read, and made the most of it. Now that I’m in marketing rather than operations, I say loud and clear to my clients – tell the world that you won an award!!!  You don’t have to brag, you can be humble and appreciative, winning even more respect from your peers and customers.


Here are 10 tips for leveraging a tourism award win:

  1. Use it in your social media

Create a graphic overlaying the logo onto your photo (I recommend Canva if you don’t have an inhouse graphic designer).


  1. Post photos

From the award ceremony of the trophy, of your team etc. They don’t have to be professional photos, as long as they reflect your brand.


  1. Create a short video

It can be about anything – what you learnt during the process that has made a positive impact on your business that customers might notice; a shout out to the hard working team that contributed to the submission; some footage of your representative collecting the trophy; a thank you on the night holding your trophy; or even a reflective piece after it’s all over with your thanks and congratulations to the other finalists


  1. Add the logo to your email signature

And while you’re making that update, also re-record your business phone’s voice message with a comment about your award so customers on hold have some recent news to hear about.


  1. Add it to your website

Don’t leave it too long, be proud and get it on there asap.

And don’t just add the logo, write a little piece in a blog or article giving a bit more information for your customers.


  1. Send out a news update

Write a short news bulletin to your database telling them about it. This news might just prompt them to come back again, or at least share it with their friends. And travel agents love to hear about your successes so they can recommend an award winning business to their customers.


  1. Write a press release

Don’t just send it to the local newspaper, send it to your preferred influencers too.


  1. Be gracious

Thank the people that helped you/your organisation get there – everyone loves a shout out!  Hopefully those you publicly thank will share it too. And don’t forget to be humble – congratulate the other finalists too. (choose your wording carefully you don’t want to sound like a twat and put everyone off-side).


  1.  Add the logo to everything you create and print

Just saying ‘award-winning’ isn’t enough, include the logo and it adds a great deal of credibility without having to use the words. Use the logo in your brochures, product packaging, letterhead, advertising artwork etc.


  1. Create a ‘milestone’ on your Facebook page.

Don’t forget to add details and a photo.


Final word on it, no one likes to hear about your award for too long. If you won an award longer than 5 years ago, it’s old news. I’d suggest you think about taking it down and winning a more recent one.  The 2018 tourism awards are launching soon…….:)

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