20 innovative marketing activities

There are loads of things you can be doing to help your business right now. Here’s a list for you to pick and choose from:

  1. Sponsor the local sports team – get your name out there in your local community. And don’t forget to insist your name is on the uniform, and wherever else you can get it.
  2. Make an appointment at the local visitor centres and do a presentation to them. Invite them and their families to do a famil at the centre at their convenience. (Note: ALWAYS get feedback from famils)
  3. Give freebies to local schools for their school raffle in exchange for your logo in the newsletter, and a banner at the school (or whatever you can get)
  4. Run a social media promotion – such as ask a question that must be found on your website and first person to get it right wins. Share the comp and go into the second prize draw.
  5. Nominate someone to be responsible for ‘listening’. Set up google alerts to find when anyone talks about your business online, follow social media and create a policy for timely responding to comments on a variety of social media platforms including Trip Advisor.
  6. Get involved on Linked In and become an expert and thought leader.
  7. Post pictures on Facebook and ensure someone is monitoring online to respond to comments and questions.
  8. Create goodwill with other businesses by sharing their posts about news and events on Facebook (or other social platforms)
  9. Keep good records of sales by travel agents and send them a gift when they reach a certain number of sales.
  10. Contact all the tour companies that bring tours to your area. If you’re not included in their itinerary you can suggest that perhaps they might like to consider it. Do not be forceful or pushy, they’ve seen plenty of people like you and you need to earn their trust.
  11. Have an open day and sausage sizzle event at your business and invite the local community.
  12. Offer famils to front office staff, local f&b attendants and anyone else that has face to face contact with tourists. They can’t recommend you if they haven’t seen your business.
  13. Make sure your local tourism association, regional tourism organisation and state tourism organisation know who you are and what you do. As per above, they can’t recommend you if they don’t know you.
  14. Get a photographer to come and shoot your business at a time when it’s at it’s best. Make sure you have a very clear idea of what elements of the business you need photos of, and discuss with the photographer which might be possible.
  15. Prepare a mood board of images you like and try to replicate them for your own business (without copying)
  16. Write the story of your business. People LOVE hearing about your background, or the history of the property.
  17. Prepare a media/trade kit to give to VIP’s that visit that includes some or all of the following: brochure, rates sheet, About us/story, images on a CD or a link to a dropbox account that they can access your images, a press release you’ve prepared. Have this pre-packed in a nice presentation folder with your business card.
  18. Get on Youtube! Create videos and post them to youtube with links to your website and Facebook.
  19. Create email lists and use them. Create an industry/trade email list and send out tailored emails. Also create a customer email list and send out consumer newsletters.
  20. Join your local tourism association, attend the tourism conference, go to the networking events you hear about and network your tush off.

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