My services

Tourism Marketing solutions

Tap into my 25 years experience in the tourism industry and make a difference in your business. Read more about why you would choose to work with me.

One-Page Marketing Plan

Half day session

In the space of a 4 hour period, we’ll work through your point of difference, your ideal customers, what you want out of your business, what your story is, and how you will convert interest into a purchase. You’ll take away your very own marketing plan and start actioning it straight away!

Full Marketing Strategy and Action Plan

Major project

After gaining some details from you, I will produce a sophisticated and indepth marketing strategy outlining your objectives, positioning, extensive situation analysis, detailed target market understanding and full action plan.

Other services

Project based

I love working on your specific project, whether it be to write an online review response policy, present customer service workshops, coordinate an event or create a new training program. Let’s chat about what you need.

Hire me for a One-Page Marketing Plan and apply for the $750 Tasmanian State Government Small Business Advice for Recovery Program – you’ll then pay only $245!