Why me?

Imagine the results

There’s no denying that most small tourism operators I work with are very good at what they do. They provide memorable experiences or guide great tours or provide exceptional customer service or create amazing products etc… But they don’t have the depth of knowledge of the tourism industry and it’s holding them back. They choose to work with me to get a head start into the industry. You can too.


25 years in the industry

The tourism industry is where I’ve invested my time and energy for 25 years – why wait that long to get the experience I have, hire me now and cut to the front of the line. Not only have I done the hard yards, I back it up with tertiary education. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and in 2020 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Tourism, Environment, Culture and Heritage at University of Tasmania.


Tourism is a game of who you know

And this is never truer than in Tasmania. You need to know who to go to and for what. I know the people and can help point you in the right direction making important introductions to pave the way for you. I am a connector, I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing I have helped people make contact with others who can help them too. If I don’t have answer, I know someone who does. This knowledge is priceless.


I live here, and know here

I’ve lived and worked in Tasmania for most of my life and I know it intimately. I understand its idiosyncrasies, and its quirks. I know where things are, how long it takes, where our strengths are and how things are done. I choose to holiday here, I buy local products and I appreciate the effort our producers go to when making their products and experiences for others to buy.


I’ve been there

Most consultants will sell you their book smarts, which is fine and can be useful. I’ve got not only book smarts, I have worked in all areas of the industry and I get what you’re going through. I’ve invested 9 years and all my savings in my own tour company; I’ve worked as a tour guide, a marketing consultant, in all areas of the chain including not-for-profit; local, regional and state tourism organisations on both sides of supply and demand.